Simpilli App Introduction

Simpilli app is a creative on-demand pharmacy application that offers the convenience of buying prescribed medicines from nearby reliable pharmacies in time.

Our application helps users to get the medicines at the doorsteps with no contact delivery; all they need to do is scan and upload the medical prescription to the pharmacist. Simpilli app connects consumers and nearby pharmacies in a single platform with various interactive features like real-time text/audio/ video chat that will help to remove all hassles related to the medicine delivery & reliability of pharmacists.

Salient Features of Simpilli


Stack We Use

  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Java
  • Backend: MySQL, Laravel
  • Chat: Node(Socket)
  • Audio & Video call:
  • Graphic Design: Adobe XD
  • Model: B2B, B2C
  • Language Option: English

Our Master Plan

Considering the target and challenges of the client, our team was aiming to provide a full-fledge solution. They started closely analyzing the buyer’s behavior to evacuate the exact reason behind it. Once the doubts were clear, the team started building a strategy to build an impeccable application for a marvelous experience.

Attributes of the app

The client, a former employee of a construction company in Switzerland. He was unhappy with the loopholes in the construction business. These loopholes were costing millions of dollars to business and valuable time.

  • Power dial: Automatically dial number from the uploaded list of a particular campaign one after one.
  • Call Analytics: With track records on call duration, call volume, routing the inbound, and outbound call, help to optimize the sales. Call Analytics helps to formulate data-driven strategies for better services.
  • SmartSwitch: Give flexibility to agents to toggle between multiple telephony providers to get better call connectivity.
  • Smart Call Forwarding: It enables you to forward incoming calls to an alternate number. Now, no missed call even after office with conditional or unconditional smart call forwarding features.
  • Global Connect: Get acquainted with the time zone before dialing any international number within a fraction of a second.
  • Call Transfer: Easy intra-firm and inter-departmental live call transfers.
  • Call Queueing: No engage tone, customize messages for clients are some highlights of the call queue feature. This way, you can callback your customers if they do not want to wait in virtual queues.
  • Call Recording: For better monitoring, you can record every call to implement better strategies and boost productivity.
  • Call Conference: It allows the supervisor or manager to enter into a two-way call, making it a three-way.
  • Call Barging: It allows the supervisor to silently enter into the conference bridge, and even the supervisor can talk to both parties.
  • Voicemail: Instead of waiting for the agent to talk to the client, the customer can send the voice message that can be reverted via reply mail.

How Does it Work?

Signup & Login

If you are a new user, you need to sign up with essential details. Else login with your registered credentials. Users will not be able to access a deactivated account for further process, if any of the provided information is not correct.

Service Management

In this section, barbers need to choose salon services as per their expertise and accordingly, will add the service cost.

Feedback Check

This section allows barbers to check the ratings received from the customers. It allows barbers to improvise their salon services and make sure customers get 100% satisfaction.

Push Notification

This feature allows barbers to receive alerts whenever a customer tries to contact. It also enables barbers to send notifications to customers about seasonal discounts or new services provided.

Booking History

This section allows barbers to view all the booked salon services by the consumers via our fade marketplace application. Using this feature, barbers can check their customer's booking status.

Technology Stack

1. For iOS Platform

  • OS : iOS
  • Language : Swift 5.0
  • Backend : Laravel
  • Structure : MVC
  • Design : Storyboard Interface builder
  • Chat :
  • Payment : Stripe
  • Framework : UIKit, MapKit
  • ThirdParty : FSCalendar, Alamofire, GooglePlaces
  • Push Notification : Firebase

1. For Android Platform

  • OS : Android 11 (latest)
  • Language : Kotlin
  • Backend : Laravel
  • Structure : MVVM
  • Design : XML
  • Chat :
  • Payment : Stripe
  • Framework : Android
  • Push Notification : Firebase Notification
  • ThirdParty: Retrofit, Google places, Dimens library, jakewharton (Custom calendar)


Give your client the best of their look with the help of our custom native highly responsive, strong & user-friendly application that enables barbers to list out their mobile barber services.

Our fade marketplace app is the one-stop solution for barbers to offer mobile barber services to their customers. Our app helps barbers to expand their online presence to potential consumers.

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