Do you know the Top Web Design Trends of the Year

Do you know the Top Web Design Trends of the Year

Think back to some fifteen years ago, where owners used to decorate their shops with various beautiful elements to attract customers. But now in the digital age where mortar and brick stores are replaced with websites. Web design helps to catch the attention of the users, if it's attractive and user-friendly. The whole game is decided in the timeframe of 0.05 seconds. During this, users decide whether to stay or leave the website; sad, but it is the bitter truth of the digital age. One of the best ways to remain competitive in the digital age is to keep up with the web design trend. In this blog, we will update you on some top web design trends to keep yourself in business.

So, let set the ball rolling with the website design trends:

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a hot and beautiful trend as it lets other design elements stand out from the crowd. The dark color background with the combination of vibrant color accents, dark mode is slowly and gradually stealing the heart of visitors. Even the dark mode optimum user experience without giving many strains to the eyes. You don’t believe us, make sure to check Apple web design:


Do you think minimalism is outdated and boring? If yes, you need to change your opinion as you are 100% wrong. Minimalism is the key to grab the attention of visitors, though minimalism is not a new trend, craze for it is growing every day. The minimalist should not be limited to black and white as the minimalist can turn in a gorgeous website with some bold and bright color. Example of minimalism: Shopify as each page of the website features bold background color with clean text and minimal design elements to create a calm effect. Hire the best web design services to stand out.

Bold yet beautiful color

Bold color choice is setting new trends in the designing world. Gone are the days, when designers used to hesitate from adopting bold colors on the website. Designers are now opting for more flashy colors to create a striking balance between aesthetics and user experience. Not a Single Origin, a chocolate company is a beautiful example of boldness.

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Big and bold Typography

Big and bold typography are essential elements of classic website design. Even though they are no alien to the designer, it adds a wow factor to the website. Many brands have welcomed large and bold typography on their website, and for now, you can take inspiration from Violon Rio Dance, Mav, Oust, and many others on the list.

The illustration is loving main-stream

If you seek something less ordinary for your website, then illustration is what exactly will take to your destination. It is such a powerful and yet pious way to give life to abstract concepts. The right kind of illustration can blow life into your website. The best example of illustration usage is Airbnb.

Black and white

If you are not sure whether the selected colors will work or not, don’t worry, you must go for black and white as they can never disappoint anyone. You can add a touch of the spectrum of gray scale for an aesthetic, modern, and yet elegant touch. Examples Crusovision, Multipz, Jack Daniels.

Minimalist navigation

Why confuse users with zig-zag navigation when minimalist navigation can do wonders? Navigation is another essential aspect of website design. If users find it navigation clumpy and confusing, then there are chances that they will leave the website in frustration, and of course, with a bad impression on their mind. Simple navigation is another important key for giving a happy experience to users, and one such beautiful example is TheFairChild. On this website, with a few clicks, you can get directed in the right direction.

Full page header

One of the hotshot web design trends that hit directly to users is the full page header. Here designers can implement different header variations, but a popular setup includes call-to-action or key on the left side and eye-catching image on the right side. One of the best examples of a full-page header includes Adobe, Sweetgreen, etc.

Hero Video

If words and images are not able to evoke magic, then the video is a try shot. Video helps to capture raw emotions, feelings without worrying about the reader’s language knowledge. Hero video goes well with almost all types of websites, and the best examples include Block16, Alaska tours. The trait of a hero video include:

  • No audio
  • No play/pause option
  • Simple to loop

Big whitespace

Whitespace refers to the blank space between different design elements. Whitespace is another trend that is ruling over designer’s and user’s hearts. It evokes a striking balance between a screen and a well-balanced feel. It helps to draw attention to vital elements like CTA, services, and create an overall tidy appearance of the website. You must check madebysofa to understand the beauty of whitespace.

Final words

So, after reading these web design trends, what is your opinion? In this digital age, if you are not online, you are missing a major share of potential customers, do you wish to lose them? If not, hire the services of a web design and development company to keep up in the competitive age. A simple yet beautiful website helps to gain control of your potential customers.


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