What to choose: Open Source or Custom Development

What to choose: Open Source or Custom Development

In this digital era, the website is the face of the business. To grow beyond the geographical limit, you have to have a website. But when it comes to website development, there is always confusion between two options: custom development and open source development. There are countless questions like Which is the best option? Is the option relevant for my business?. The answers to all these questions lie in the below reading.

Why is website design so important?

There are 1,295,973,827 websites (till Feb 2020) worldwide. Do you know it just takes 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay or leave a website? What do you think your eCommerce website can make a difference? It might astonish you, but the most critical brand differentiator is the web design. With so many numbers of websites, it becomes obvious why users will tolerate poor design websites. So, let’s delve more to find out what to choose open source or custom development.

Why is open source the right choice for eCommerce?

In an open-source eCommerce development, the source code is available to the public. The best thing is that it is free of cost plus substantial community support.

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Advantages of open source development

1. No vendor lock

Proprietary solutions like Magento, Shopify, fall in the vendor’s category, in which you have to pay to use the solution. While, on the other hand, in open source, there is no such vendor lock, and you can have full control over the project.

2. No restrictions

In open-source, you have the freedom and ability to edit or modify the code that gives endless opportunities to create anything unique that comes to your mind. If you are looking for something that makes your business stand out, then the open-source should be your choice.

3. Updates for everyone

Open-source update is very easy, so if you find any bug, you can fix it. With such a vast community of programmers, updates would be faster and better.

4. A vast collection of third parties plugins

Another benefit of open source development is its enormous collection of third-party plugins, add-ons, and widgets.

5. Affordable option

Open source is a much affordable option when compared to others. If you have a limited budget and great value for money, then open source is the right option for you.

6. Support

The beauty of open source development is its vast community and fabulous support. Your need for any kind of assistance in development and code is just a forum post away.

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Custom eCommerce development

As the name suggests,custom eCommerce development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining eCommerce for a specific need of an organization.

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Benefits of custom development

1. Freedom for optimization

Customization gives you the freedom to optimize your website. Instead of going through hundreds of other functional and development choices, here you can create your website as per your requirement from the initial level. Thanks to a customized solution to simplify your business journey with much ease.

2. Reduce load times

Loading time is a vital aspect, as no one likes to waste their valuable time waiting for your website to load. A slow website is not less than a blunder as it creates the wrong impression of your business, which can lead to the loss of a potential customer. With a customized website, you can minimize the unnecessary functionality to boost the loading speed.

3. Exclusivity

If you wish to make your business stand out of the crowd, then custom development is your solution. Website builder or CMS software offers you a readymade template to deal with unless you choose built-in features. There is no theme with a customized website and has no limit to showcase your creativity.

4. Flexibility

Another reason to move to custom is its flexibility. Here custom website development offers a flexible and user-friendly approach. The platform gives freedom to make changes as and when required.

Which one is better?

Let's compare custom and open source web development to make a better decision.

Parameter Open Source Custom
Support No immediate support Professional team to attend issue
Security Totally depending on community Security updates on the regular intervals
User Experience Easy to set up but depends on particular entity User-friendly and customised to target consumer needs and vendor’s ease.
Cost Minimal cost, most of time it is free of cost Expensive Investment
Scalability Best for startups, small and medium size business Ideal for on growing or established business

Ultimate choice

We hope that after reading the advantages of open source and custom development, you will make the right choice. Based on your budget and other factors, you may choose the right one, but even after that if you are confused, then talk to our experts for the right guidance and advice.

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