Artificial Intelligence: Give a Beautiful Wing to Future Reality

“Hey, Siri,
What are the chances of snowfall today?
Hey, Jack
There are no chances of snowfall today.
Hey, don't forget to pick up roses for your lunch date"
Oh! Thanks, Siri, you saved my love life”

Siri here is not a person, but the AI-enabled device that is making life easy for people like Jack and others. Once what was shown in sci-fi movies like driverless cars to voice automation devices, it is now a reality of the world. All this is possible due to technology called artificial intelligence or AI. Who had ever thought voice devices like Alexa, Siri will follow your countless demands from ordering food, showing temperature, to what not? Thanks to AI, for making it so easy and took the center stage like never before. The bright future of Artificial Intelligence development services is very enormously bright and better than predictions.

Talking about the development of AI, we are still at an early stage. Every year millions of dollars are spent on research and development, and the International Data Corporation is expecting that spending will reach $57.6 billion in investments by 2021. Unbelievable right? But it’s TRUE.

The beauty of AI is that it is creating a digital landscape that spreads its use beyond any physical borders and industries. So, without much delay, let’s delve into further reading and see what the future will be like in the AI age:

How are changes coming in the future?

The future development of artificial intelligence is no doubt very bright. AI will change the process of life and what are the different industries that will be benefited from it. Exciting right? So let’s have a quick glimpse of which are those industries that will get more benefited with this less artificial and more intelligent technology:

AI will take the retail sector by a boom

  • A study says that we can expect the retail sector to grow over $5 million by 2022
  • A study by Capgemini suggests that if retailers deploy AI in its business operations, then it can save $340 billion by 2022.

These statistics indicate that AI development can be used to save millions in the retail sector. AI promises a future of full possibilities for better business decisions. You can expect future delivery of 5-pound packages in less than 30 minutes. Even Amazon has already started working on reliable and safe operations of delivery packages.

artificial intelligence

A promising future of the Healthcare sector:

Undoubtedly, AI is doing a commendable job in improving services to mankind, but the future of AI in healthcare is sure a clear win. As of now, usage of AI is limited, but with the use of big data and machine learning, healthcare will evolve in a higher level.

AI is a blessing for medical professionals as it is helping researchers and professionals in detecting health issues at an early stage. For example, Intel and Knight Career Institute build a collaborative cloud with the help of the medical history of cancer patients for better diagnosis. Some organizations are taking the help of AI for telemedicine.

In the coming future, you can expect AI helping humans for early detection of diseases, or you can say in the future, cancer would be the thing of the past.

So, be ready for the future development of artificial intelligence where robot-assisted surgeries, virtual nursing, and administrative workflow will be on a finger top. The possibilities with AI are jaw-dropping.

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Due to improved efficiency and productivity, robots are making a huge difference in the manufacturing sector. It is also expected that robots will help in improving results by shortening designing time and reducing waste material and whatnot. BMW is using AI technology called component images to spot deviations from the standard in real-time.

In the future, you can expect error-less, cost-effective, and quick manufacturing processes.


AI with Machine Learning has large scope in the finance department. The finance sector is all about large databases that might be difficult to handle for human brains in a short period.

According to the PwC report in the coming future, we can expect robotic advisors for more reliable and safe investment advice. Another field that can appoint AI is bionic advisory there will be an unbeatable combination of human insight and machine calculations for more reliable results.


A study carried out by Stanford University says that the education sector will undergo the major changes between now and 2030, as it will be more personalized. Educational robotics, virtual reality, and intelligent learning tutorials will be the parts of the future education system with the help of AI.

You can even expect a personalized education system for each student where they will be taught as per capabilities and needs. Isn’t it simply marvelous?


The tourism industry has already welcomed AI in the form of chatbots where they can get information about the required plan, destination as per their budget. A report of TravelZoo suggests that by 2020 80% of travel assistants will be robotic.

Talking about the bright future of Tourism, tools will be developed to offer a more personalized travel experience. You can expect robotic receptionists, facial recognition to access some services and rooms, virtual tourist guides, virtual check-in & check-out.


There is no second thought that the coming future is all about artificial intelligence. Now is the right time to prepare yourself to welcome the shiny future with open arms and minds. The key to all these digital transformations lies in harnessing the maximum potential of machines. One should also remember that AI is not meant to replace humans but help to reduce human effort. Hire an AI development company to climb the ladder of a beautiful and effortless future. So, are you ready for it?

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