Fade Barber Application

Fade Barber App - A perfect application to find the nearby barber, book barber services, and pay for barber services along with a tip. We developed our app intending to empower local barbers and to help men to fulfill their grooming goals, without spending more hours waiting at the barbershops.

App Features

Slot Booking Management

Real Time Chat

Order Management

Show The Nearby Driver Availability

Design Process


User Research
User Interviews
Competitive Analysis


User Personas
Empathy Map
User Journey Map


User Flow
Cord Sorting
Information Architecture


Hi-Fi Designs


Future Concepts



Barbers looking for a perfect solution to manage their mobile barber services and get paid for the same from the users along with reviews and ratings.


Barbers require a perfect order management service that enables barbers to provide seamless and mess-free barber services to their users.


Users expect easy booking with the nearby great barbers.


Users expect to carry live chatting with barbers to make sure they engage with professional barbers and to express what barber services they are looking for from the barbers.


Barbers can pick the nearby available transportation service to reach the client destination within time.


  • Our Fade Barber App is available on both iOS and Android platforms, which ensures barbers get enough users. Our application was developed with an array of features like user-friendly interface designs, perfect order management, multiple payment options, push notification, and so. With our application, local barbers can easily manage their mobile barber services and users can engage with local barbers without any mess.
  • Our latest and up-to-date framework ensures both usersand barbers avail excellent order management services on our platform. Users would find it easy to book great barbers nearby or from any precise location. Our bidirectional and low-latency communication allows both users and barbers to carry seamless real-time communication.
  • Barbers have the option to book the local nearby drivers for their transportation to a client place. Our application comes with Strip online payment processing allowing users to pay for their barber services along with a tip. They even rate and review the barber services which will be useful for other users to pick great barbers.

How Does it Work?

1. For Users

  • Just signup and login into your account through the Fade Barber app.
  • You are able to view the list of top barbers nearby your location.
  • You can also have the option to pick your own location and find the best barbers.
  • Once you decide on your best barber, just click the contact option.
  • Under the contact option, you choose to chat directly with the barber or talk to the barber and book an appointment.
  • Barber comes to your home offering excellent barber service.
  • Once you receive barber services, you need to pay the barber through various payment modes.

2. For Barbers

  • Admin will simply sign up on behalf of the barber using their contact details.
  • Once the signup process is done, just complete all the fields shown on the screen until your account activation is done.
  • You are able to receive reviews and ratings from the clients through our app.
  • The most positive ratings & reviews you get, your service will be listed on the top in your area.
  • We follow 100% transparency

Technology Stack

1. For iOS Platform

  • OS : iOS
  • Language : Swift 5.0
  • Backend : Laravel
  • Structure : MVC
  • Design : Storyboard Interface builder
  • Chat :
  • Payment : Stripe
  • Framework : UIKit, MapKit
  • ThirdParty : FSCalendar, Alamofire, GooglePlaces
  • Push Notification : Firebase

1. For Android Platform

  • OS : Android 11 (latest)
  • Language : Kotlin
  • Backend : Laravel
  • Structure : MVVM
  • Design : XML
  • Chat :
  • Payment : Stripe
  • Framework : Android
  • Push Notification : Firebase Notification
  • ThirdParty: Retrofit, Google places, Dimens library, jakewharton (Custom calendar)


Our Fade Barber App will help individuals to navigate through our curated section of great local barbers nearby or from any precise location. Users can book barbers services and barbers can book nearby drivers for transportation to reach the client place.

For barbers, they will witness business growth along with the expansion of their business presence among the target audience.

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