CRM and Finance Application Development

This CRM and application enables users to schedule meetings and manage employees and products with different approaches. Having loads of different modules, CRM and mobile app development of Birju Acharya delivers an awesome experience for developers during the entire development phase.

  • Front End
  • Database – MySQL
  • Backend – Laravel
  • Language - Java/Kotlin – Android


Today, many businesses don’t manage their accounts and employees well. They end up getting out of control and come to the end with mis-management. Our client, Birju Acharya from Ahmedabad, wanted to build a CRM and mobile application for their business to manage everything from products to users and categories. This CRM and application will help them to manage different departments under one roof. Our client needed two things, i.e. CRM and Mobile application so that they could continue transitions easily.

How Our Client Found Us?

After deciding to develop a CRM, the client started searching for the best CRM development company in Google. While searching, he found the Multipz website. He checked our portfolio section to know more about our company. Impressed by our portfolio section, he decided to contact us.

The Challenge

Talking about the client requirement, we have the challenge of developing two things, i.e. Desktop CRM and Mobile application, through which users can easily manage their daily activities and also, have a vision of how many leads they have available for the coming days. Clients also want such a system that generates reports with charts for better understanding for their financial life.

Not only this, but also clients want to manage their employees and are looking for some must-have features like product management, easy reporting, leads management, and so on. Moreover, clients want to replace their old method of management through new and updated methods.

Our Approach

Once, our team got a node from the client to go ahead, we managed and allotted the task accordingly. Our team includes Sr. and Jr. Developer, Designer, and Project Manager. Our main goal is to come up with a roadmap for the project.

We, together, performed detailed analysis, explored market gaps, demand, various industries, and so on. After completing the initial analysis, the Project Manager had a discussion with a client about what we’d gathered.

Our client wanted to develop a CRM, so we chose to go with Laravel technology and the set of features that we will include in development. All our suggestions were accepted and we got a green signal from the client.


User Management

User management enables admin to control user access and on-board and off-board employees. In this module, you can manage users, allot tasks and products as per the designation, and so on.

Franchise Management

Franchise management streamlines network operations with ease.

Attendance Management

Attendance management improves productivity by keeping track of employee job attendance and working hours. Attendance management also includes a reporting option, where users don’t have to add a report manually. It will automatically fill the leads and other data while users are logging out from the CRM and/or application.

Leads Management

Lead management captures and tracks leads through various modes. You can bifurcate lead types like Hot Lead, Not Interested, Ask for Meeting, Not Reachable and Follow up.

Meeting Management

Meeting Management manages every stage of the entire meeting process, from scheduling meetings to reaching the client place. Through this module, the admin can also track the status of the meeting and know whether or not an employee reaches the client's place.

Query Management

Query management tracks queries raised by the customers. This module ncludes various stages, so that admin can get an idea about where the customer’s query reaches (Query’s status).


This module includes three sub-categories, i.e. Product Revenue, Employee Revenue, and Franchise Revenue. In Product Revenue, admin can define % of commission received by sellers while they are selling the product. Employee Revenue enables admin to define sales target and commission earned whereas in Franchise Revenue, admin can pre-fined the commission percentage on product selling.

Expense Management

Expense management enables users to manage different expenses like travelling expense, stationary expense, and so on.

The Key Challenge We Encountered With

As we had already created many CRM and mobile applications, we faced minimal challenges. Our team already had to develop CRM and apps with third-party features using the latest and updated technology. However, we have found some development tasks really very challenging

Tight Deadline

It was a challenging task for completing a CRM and mobile application within a tight deadline. However, due to the best working environment, we achieved the deadline successfully.


After spending approximately three months, we successfully developed a CRM and Android application with different modules, allowing clients for easy business management. Our developed solution increases productivity and number of leads gradually.

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