Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers for Software Development?

Is it a smart choice to Hire Dedicated Developers for Software Development?

Whether you are a newbie startup or a well-established company with the wish to reduce software development costs, hiring dedicated developers is a viable and pocket-friendly solution. If you are not sure how it works and how to hire a remote development team, dig deep with us as we try to cover different aspects of hiring dedicated developers.

Understanding of dedicated developers

To understand everything about dedicated developers, let’s understand what exactly the term is. They fall somewhere between full-time employees and part-time employees as they are hired for a dedicated project. Here organization does not have to pay for managing resources, as payment is only made for the work done by the developers. So, if you are into saving funds or facing a shortage of one, now you know what is the best option for you. Right?

Dedicated developers vs. In-house team

Pros of dedicated developers

1. Cost-Effective model

A dedicated developer is a cost-effective model. It is an ideal choice for startups and small companies where budget is a major concern. In this model, you have to pay developers for a particular project development for which they are hired. It helps you have the company not to pay CAPEX and operational costs. With this model, you can save up to 60% of development costs.

2. Core Competence

You can hire expert developers as per the requirement of a particular project. For example, if you need a developer for artificial intelligence software, then you can hire a developer for a particular project who has great expertise and experience. Once the project gets over, you don’t have to bear any extra cost.

3. Boost productivity

Since the team of dedicated developers are much competent with the latest technologies and have in-depth knowledge of the market, it helps to boost productivity. This ultimately helps in better software development and hence more profit.

Pros of in-house developers

1. Quick changes

It becomes easy to implement changes when you have an in-house team of software developers. At the same point in time, you can add new changes easily, rectify bugs faster, and discuss their technical backgrounds face to face.

2. Cultural

Office culture is a very important aspect in retaining the employees for the long term. You can motivate employees to work better every day and can pay close attention to meet your specific needs in a better way.

Comparison table

Parameter Dedicated model In-house
Cost It is a cost friendly model as it can save up to 60% development cost. It is a costly affair as for each development, you can have a different expertise in-house team.
Efficient communication The chances of miscommunication get high because of various reasons like language barrier, communication gap, and many other reasons . When the entire team works under one roof, then there is minimal or no communication gap.
Technology advancement These developers are well aware of the updated technologies as they happen to work on vast numbers of projects, different time zones, multiple technologies. While the exposure of the in-house team may be limited to certain kinds of technologies.
Security risk There are more security risks involved in a dedicated model, as you can’t have a 100% control on the development process. Although you can enter an NDA contract. It involves less security threat, as you can imbibe in-house team with legal terms.

When to hire dedicated developers?

There are plethora of situations when you can hire dedicated developers, here get gland of some common:


1. Shortage of skills in team

With the fast-growing technology, especially in the IT sector; you may need new expertise and skills for a competitive edge, dedicated developers may come to your rescue. Even when you have a shortage of required skills in-house team, then it’s time to involve remote developers in the task.

2. Lack of effective use of technology

Software development nowadays includes a lot more than there are many new tools, technologies, platforms, and computer languages that have been part of development. The modern demand needs modern technologies to compete in the highly competitive market. Hire dedicated developers to fill the gap between advanced technology requirements and high-end solutions.

3. Seasonal workload

If you are in a sector where you face a seasonal workload once or twice in a month/year, then a dedicated developer is the right choice for your kind. Since the workload is seasonal, then there is no point to waste resources and money on hiring full-time software developers.

4. Focus on core services and strategies

If you want to focus on the services like marketing, budgeting, branding and do not want to get involved in the development, then it gives the reason to hire remote developers. You can focus on other services, whereas remote developers will take care of the development part.

5. Large utility bills

When you are working with an in-house team, as an owner you are responsible to pay utility bills like electricity, internet, coffee, food, etc. But when you are working with remote workers, you can save a huge chunk of money which can be used for the growth of some other parts of the business.

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Things to consider when hiring dedicated remote developers


1. Know expertise

To grab the right talent for your project, make sure to check how skilled the developer is? To understand that check past projects, the complexity of the projects, and the ultimate effect of the project. The above-said analysis gives a clear picture of the developer’s expertise.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important quality that a developer needs to adapt and execute, as sudden changes are a normal part of software development. Developers should be able to execute changes.

3. Interview the developer

Once on short-listing remote software developers, make sure to interview the developers. Before finalizing the developer, make sure that another person from your company interviews it so finalize the right talent.

Advantages of hiring dedicated remote developers

1. Lower infrastructure expense

A workplace plays an important role as an ideal workplace is built in a great location, best design architecture, with an appealing look, which needs an enormous amount of money. In the case of remote developers, you don’t have to invest as dedicated developers work remotely. So, hiring remote developers saves a lot of money.

2. Saves time

Since remote developers do not travel to the physical location of the office every day, which saves the commute time, which could be used for the development purpose. Plus commuting is tiring, which can lower productivity. It is also believed that remote developers are highly motivated compared to office going people.

3. Quality service

Quality service is an essence of remote developers, as they are very much upgraded with new technologies and agile methodologies. Since dedicated developers are independent, then it is believed that they are good at managing personal and professional life in a better way.

4. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a dedicated developer is flexibility. These developers work on your project exclusively. Even some are very much flexible in altering or changing terms and conditions signed during the hiring if it is in favor of both parties. Some even accept partly or payment in installments.

5. High-quality Assurance

The beauty of hiring dedicated developers is that you got quality work. Since they are very much experienced and skilled in their respective job, then you are likely to get some highly useful and quality work that can make a huge difference. This is the reason we suggest higher trained professionals in place of untrained ones.

6. Hassle-free project management

Since the majority of dedicated developers are very much familiar with the method or system, then it becomes easy to manage the project. In the case of freshers, it becomes very difficult, especially when you are dealing with multiple projects at a point in time.

7. Quick turnaround time

One of the major benefits of working with a dedicated developers team is that you do not have to worry about timely delivery. The team already has years of experience and they know how to optimize the given time and complete the work much before the deadline. With concrete planning from the client’s side, it becomes easy for developers to deliver work timely.

How to find the right dedicated development service provider?

Since we do not want you to waste your valuable time in finding the way to find dedicated developers. Here are some ways to find the right one:


1. Experience

Before hiring, make sure to check and count the years of experience or the number of years the company exists. We are not saying a newcomer might not be able to handle a project, what we are saying is that there might be certain situations where experience comes in handy.

2. Clients pool

To make the right choice, ensure to talk to past clients' pool of developers. Past clients will help you understand the process and the quality of work it has offered. This will help you understand if chosen developers are the right choice or not.

3. Expertise

Before finalizing the hiring process, find out what platforms, tools, and technologies dedicated developers are familiar with. Competent developers are well aware of top technologies, databases, languages, and tools required in the qualitative software development process.

4. Clear communication

Communication is the key to an effective solution, sometimes misunderstanding between two parties often proves harmful. Before finalizing the deal, ensure that the dedicated developers you are planning to hire need to be effective communicators.

How to hire effectively?

1. In-house team involvement

It is very necessary to involve your in-house employees, especially the project manager, to know & understand dedicated developers. Ultimately, these two parties are mainly going to coordinate, so it is important to involve the project manager while recruiting dedicated developers.

2. Interview mode

Irrespective of your geographical location, the most popular modes of interviewing candidates include video and phone interviews. You can ask them about their experience, technical questions related to past projects, skills, etc.

3. What to evaluate?

While finalizing the dedicated developers, make sure to evaluate the right talent with track records, technology knowledge, years of experience, soft skills, flexibility, problem-solving ability, responsiveness and reporting, and many more.

4. Discuss requirements

Another important aspect that needs to be discussed before taking a final decision is discussing the exact requirements of the project. You can discuss your exact expectations from the developers, the deadline of the project, skill set requirements, the number of hours they are going to spend, their view about the projects, and much more related to the project.


Improvise your services, save time and money by hiring dedicated developers for software development. We hope that the above-given information will help you understand the importance of dedicated developers and how it can be a profitable way. Go and improvise your IT solution with an effective dedicated developers team.

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